RØDE Connect

RØDE Connect

Podcasting and Streaming Software

RØDE Connect is a simple and powerful software solution for podcasting and livestreaming with the NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG and the Wireless GO II.

Offering the ability to connect up to four guests to a single computer, RØDE Connect is perfect for anyone who wants to create professional-quality podcasts the easy way. With an intuitive recording interface inspired by the RØDECaster Pro featuring broadcast-style faders, level metering, sound pads, mute button, multi-channel recording and more, RØDE Connect gives you complete control over your podcast recording.

Seamless integration of external audio sources also makes RØDE Connect ideal for gamers and streamers looking for a simple way to route audio for a livestream including chat applications, gameplay sound, mic audio and more.

RØDE Connect is completely FREE to use. To get started, download the app via the link above, plug in your NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG or Wireless GO II, install the latest firmware and get recording.

Now compatible with the VideoMic NTG! Learn how to setup and use here. 

Key Features:

  • Connect up to four podcasters to a single computer with any combination of NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG or Wireless GO II - no complex routing required
  • Completely free to download with versions for both Mac and Windows
  • Access powerful digital signal processing; including a noise gate, compressor and the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom (NT-USB Mini and VideoMic NTG only)
  • Fully featured recording interface, complete with broadcast-style faders, level metering, mute buttons and more
  • Virtual channels for seamlessly connecting remote guests, integrating streaming applications, adding music beds and much more
  • Automatic mix-minus on every channel for crystal clear, echo-free audio
  • Fully equipped sound pads section with 3 separate playback styles and up to 8 banks of sound

Unlock the Full Potential of your RØDE Microphone

RØDE Connect unlocks a hidden secret within the NT-USB Mini and the VideoMic NTG – powerful digital signal processing that gives you access to four different processors: a compressor and noise gate, plus the legendary Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects that are found in the RØDECaster Pro and in the world’s top broadcast studios. All of these are accessible at the touch of a button and will make your voice shine.

Using RØDE Connect to Record a Podcast?

RØDE Connect is the easiest way to make incredible podcasts, and with the ability to connect up to four microphones to a single computer, flexible recording options, easy remote caller integration, and more, the creative possibilities are limitless.

Livestreaming with RØDE Connect?

RØDE Connect has incredible potential for streamers and gamers who want to simplify their audio setup. Offering streamlined control over your microphone audio and external applications, plus dedicated output controls for streaming apps like OBS or Xplit, setting up livestream audio has never been easier. Between the NT-USB Mini, Wireless GO II and VideoMic NTG, there's the perfect microphone for any livestreaming scenario, from gaming to IRL streaming.

NT-USB Mini plugged into a windows computer running RØDE Connect 1.3


Acoustic & Electrical Specifications

OS Requirements

MacOS 10.13 or later

Windows 10 Version 1803

Microphone Compatibility
NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG and Wireless GO II



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How do I revert to a previous version of RØDE Connect?

Reverting to a pervious version of RØDE Connect is as simple as uninstalling your current version of RØDE Connect and installing the version you want to return to Version 1.1 of RØDE Connect can be found here for Mac and Windows


RØDE Connect is an ideal audio solution for podcasting and livestreaming with the NT-USB Mini, but can be used for a wide variety of recording applications, such as recording a voiceover. 


The ‘System Channel’ will route any audio coming from the output of your computer system into the RØDE Connect mixer. This includes audio coming from audio players such as Spotify or iTunes, internet browsers, or any other apps on your computer. The ‘System Channel’ is useful for adding external audio elements from these sources to your recordings such as music beds, sound effects, pre-recorded audio, and more. To find out more about using the ‘System Channel’, check out the RØDE Connect Learning Hub.


‘RØDE Connect Stream’ is a dedicated output for routing the audio from RØDE Connect to streaming software like OBS or XSplit. 


The ‘Virtual Channel’ is useful for connecting with and recording remote guests via communications apps such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts. Simply select ‘RØDE Connect Virtual’ as the output device in the app to route the audio to the RØDE Connect mixer. To find out more about using the ‘Virtual Channel’, check out the RØDE Connect Learning Hub.


There are many things you can do to get a clean recording with minimal spill between microphones. Try recording in the quietest place possible, ideally in a room with minimal reflective surfaces (such as floorboards). Place the microphones as far away from each other as possible, faced away from one another. Positioning each microphone less than six inches from you and your guests’ will also help to capture a clean signal (you may need to use a desk stand or studio arm like the RØDE DS1 or PSA1 to achieve this). 


As with all our products, we are actively looking at ways to improve and expand the capabilities of RØDE Connect, with the integration of other RØDE mics being a potential future feature. However, as many of the functions of RØDE Connect rely on the internal digital signal processing carried out within the NT-USB Mini, not all microphones will be able to interface with the software. Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding updates and feature expansions. 


If your computer doesn’t have enough USB inputs to accommodate the number of guests in your podcast, we recommend using a powered USB hub to connect your NT-USB Minis. This will ensure that each microphone receives enough power to operate correctly. 



Yes, in addition to the ‘Virtual Channel’ you can use the ‘System Channel’ to connect with a second remote guest on a different communications app. To set this up, simply select ‘RØDE Connect System’ as the input and output device for the second app you are using. This will allow you to record both calls simultaneously on different channels.


Yes. RØDE Connect has a dedicated output for streaming software such as OBS or XSplit. To route the audio from RØDE Connect to the software, simply select ‘Stream Input (RØDE Connect) on Windows or 'RØDE Connect Stream’ on Mac as the audio input in the software’s audio settings. To find out more about using RØDE Connect for livestreaming, check out the Livestreaming with RØDE Connect page on the Learning Hub