Bobby's Bees - My Rode Reel 2017

Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar
ジャンル: ドキュメンタリー


Stereo VideoMic Pro
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit


Bobby started beekeeping less than a year ago and he is already completely obsessed. He spends his spare time blogging about bees, reading about bees, going to beekeeping clubs and caring for his bees. Lucky - because he has had a roller coaster ride. Bobby has put his hand into the heart of a swarm, nursed his bees through a nectar drought and fought with the local council to stop them spraying pesticides. Now he has four thriving colonies. Watch as he shares his first harvest and the curious world of beekeeping

Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar

Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar

Director/Producer/online Editor/DOP

Binky Harvey-Jones

Camera/Assistant editor

Darius Devas

Offline Editor

Jai Anderson

Assistant Editor

The goal of Bobby’s Bees is to take you deep into the curious world of beekeeping. Bees are often stigmatised for being aggressive yet they pollinate 70 out of the top 100 human food crops. We basically rely on them to keep us alive. This video was the highlight of a 32 day jam-packed trip across the United States that started in New York and ended in Hawaii. We were on a mission to capture people's experience keeping bees, help to de-stigmatise bees and promote a new method of beekeeping using a Flow Hive which is more gentle on the bees. The calendar was packed with 27 interviews across 9 states. We really needed to rely on our gear as we were often in the middle of nowhere, working with subjects with no experience in front of a camera and often little experience with bees. Bees are known to pick up on human emotions such as nervousness so it is important for beekeepers to remain calm. For Bobby’s Bees, we used an RØDELink Filmmaker Kit on a Sony a7sii mirrorless camera and put a wireless lapel on Bobby during the harvest. The light weight setup allowed us to record all of his experiences without having an intrusive boom mic which Bobby and his bees (we would like to think) really appreciated. We used a Stereo VideoMic Pro on the second camera to capture ambience. During the whole harvest, Bobby remained calm and collected even though it was his first. For the interview, we used an RØDELink Filmmaker Kit lapel in combination with a Ntg-3 run through a Tascam dr70-d. The main focus was on getting clean audio to make sure Bobby’s amazing experience of beekeeping was clear and convincing.