Back To Life - RODE REEL 2017

ジャンル: ドラマ scifi




A recovering drug addict gets a visit from an unlikely friend.




My friend came and shot some really nice BTS video, and I thanked him by formatting the card before the footage was transferred because every once in awhile I'm an assclown and do things like that. We shot over the course of one afternoon in the main actor's apartment. It was shot on the GH5 with Veydra lenses and the Rode Videomic X... oh no wait, it wasn't cause I'm an asshat and forgot my ENTIRE AUDIO KIT. Luckily I had my trusty backup Zoom H1 that I used for all the scenes of him talking on the phone, then came back another day to grab his opening narration with the NTG-2. Honestly I'm going back through and re-editing the entire short after the contest period ends, cause as it stands right now its not very good and has relatively terrible audio and next to no sound design. So I'm basically uploading so I can snatch up that free shirt :D Haha! I'm gonna do a better one next year and hopefully just kill it. Oh and sorry about the self depricating ass comments.