My Rode Reel 2017: Margaret

Sarah E Howson


RØDELink Filmmaker Kit


Tonight's Current Affair brings you an exclusive interview with award-winning director, Sophie Blank, and her brother James.

Sarah E Howson

Sarah E Howson


We have been toying with this idea for a film for a while so we decided to see if it works as a three minute short (this version is especially for My Rode Reel) before taking it further. It's easy for us to use Rode products for two reasons: 1. they are fantastic for low budget filming 2. they're the only microphones we own.

The audio was captured from various sources. The RodeLink kits run to a Tascam DR70, the NTG2 runs to a Tascam DR40 and the camera either has the VideoMic or the VideoMicro as atmos/sync sound. There are two clips that solely use the source audio from the camera in the final edit as it was the only audio captured. Everything is edited in Logic via an XML export from Final Cut Pro X. We opted not to use a music track this year as we are trying to emulate a "current affairs" show interview.

This is filmed at Sarah's house and Natalie's house. We also filmed at a secret park location.