Nothing Left (MyRodeReel)

Absolut Nine
ジャンル: アクション ドラマ




Human race has been infected by a strange new virus that turns everyone it touch turn into zombie.
Survivor only can defend and searching help with other survivor.

Absolut Nine

Kenny Saputra

Director of Photography
vfx artist
audio production

Concept of this film about post apocalypse cause by a deadly virus that turns people into a zombie.
For location I'm use old warehouse.
Shooting in the afternoon to get soft look.
I don't use any lamps, only sun.

I'm also integrate 3D monster using mixamo and blend it together with after effects, need some color adjustment and also lighting the monster itself with 3D software.

For audio recording I use smartlav+ and rode videomicro
rode videomicro connect to zoom h1 to record some foley on the field such as grass movement, step sound and other things.