PR Films
A girl who was born on space and never been on earth because human beings had left earth long before. The excitement and expression of homecoming!

Behind the scenes of Homecoming

I came to know about this contest just 2 days back. Since we didn't have time, we wanted to create a small drama with a quickly made up story. We thought of a spaceship indoor theme. Our budget and resources were too little to create something really scifi :) . The location was one of our rooms.
Shot on Nokia Lumia with a tripod (BTS with Cyber Shot), two white regular lights, RodeLink Filmmaker Kit (wireless).
OS - Linux, Video - Kdenlive, Audio - Audacity, PC - Dell Desktop / Laptop, only with a team of 3.


RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

PR Films

Priyanka - Director/ Narrator/ Makeup/ BTS

Rana - DoP/ Editing

Anhiti - Actor