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Three thugs on the road are driving towards their next contract . Then "he" starts to hum.

Behind the scenes of Hummingbird

The film was shot in one night on Ringvassøy, Tromsø, Norway. The post-production following was completed in rapid nights following.

The crew used the BlackMagic Production Camera(4k) for the primary shots and the BlackMagic Cinema Camera(HD) for the stunt work.

Most of the car shots were shot inside a single car without any special rigs. For sound equipment, a Røde NTG-2, Reporter, and two Røde Filmmaker Kit (mic-on)


RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

Unfrozen Pictures

Charlotte Kristiansen - Director

Kristoffer Isaksen - DoP

Espen Olaisen - Writer & "Egon"

Morten Strand - "Dankert"

Jørn Inge Falck Henriksen - "Kato"

Hallvard Kongsli - "Shotgun MacNopants

Karin Folgerø Simonsen - Costumes & Sound Recording

Kristian Berg - Sound Design

Markus Andersen - VFX