Keys and kids get locked in the car, will dad rescue them in time?

Behind the scenes of Erronds

-Errorands- was filmed at my house.
Tech wise I used:

2, Moto X 2nd gen camera phones.
Beast grip with wide angle lens.
G50 Lenovo laptop with Cyberpunk Director 10
Sony HDR-PJ670 with Juice Link CX231 to connect the Rode NGT1 shotgun mic for redoing sound. I had to edit out copyrighted music and other sounds.

Power Director 10 was not my first choice to edit. Tons of freezing and crashing. At one point an entire shoot was deleted.
I shot both the film and behind the scenes in 6 hours on 1 day, and spent another 12 hours editing. I used the stock camera phone software. A lot of changes had to be made in writing the story due to time and technical issues.




David Enero - Director

Alex Enero - Camera help

Jaslyn - Kid 1

Ivy - Kid 2