Best april fool

Zenk Studio
Imagine how bad could be waking up to Chewbaccas yelling. It's terrible. But our hero has to live it through, because on the first of April, anything can happen. A story like this one, happened once, and we remade it. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes of Best april fool

The sound is always very important. Without good sounding you can't emphatize with the video. Our helper was the Rode Videomic GO, and it served well. That's why we could recorded all the scenes in a good sound quality.


VideoMic GO

Zenk Studio

Ignácz Sámuel - director,editor, actor

Gresó Áron - Cameraman, editor

Sitku Dániel - actor

Székely Dávid - actor

Molnár Péter - actor

Halász Benjámin - actor

Sitku Dávid - technician