Hannes Müller
How does it feel, to live in a world where nothing is sure? Where asteroids could destroy whole cities in a second? Between governmental dazzlement and the compulsion to do the right thing a young hacker gets in possession of probably the biggest secret of human history.

Behind the scenes of Impact

We shot IMPACT in three days on five different locations. As our main camera we used a Canon Rebel t3i with the Sigma 18-35 1.8 lens. For sound we used a Fostex recorder together with a shotgun mic and we used the Rode Video Mic Pro as our backup mic on camera.

We got most of our shots with a dslr shoulder rig but we also used the Glidecam HD2000 for some of the running shots.

For Post Production we used the Adobe Creative Cloud. Mostly Premiere for editing and After Effects for visual effects like screen replacement.


VideoMic Pro

Hannes Müller

Patricia Ranzinger - Hacker

Tobias Fricke - Hacker Friend

Michael Sivochas - Chief Bad Guy

Micha Wolf - Bad Guy 1

Denis Grakovskiy - Bad Guy 2

Davide Straninger - Bad Guy 3

Christine Bedner - Extra

Laura Knyszcuk - Extra

Isabelle Orner - Extra

Selina Hilger - Director

Hannes Müller - Assistant Director

Erik Rottmann - Continuity

Stefanie Kretsch - Production Manager

Hannes Müller - Director of Photography

Daniel Link - BTS Camera

Tobias Fricke - Slate

Erik Rottmann - Slate

Benedikt Glemnitz - Sound

Benedikt Glemnitz - Sound

Erik Rottmann - Sounddesign

Joscha Gibson - Soundtrack

Manuel Eglhofer - Editor

Hannes Müller - Editor

Erik Rottmann - Editor

Hannes Müller - Visual Effects Artist

Peter Falkenberg - Set Designer

Hannes Müller - Set Designer

Yoanna Borisova - Setrunner

Daniel Link - Catering

Michael Volkmar - Catering