The Girl on The Wheelchair

Leonhard Damian

This short movie tells the story of 2 childhood friends, separated because of the adults attending their own agendas. Although not knowing the name of the characters, I hope that the viewers can relate and sympathize with the characters through their emotions, tones, and expressions.

Behind the scenes of The Girl on The Wheelchair

This is the Behind the scene video of The Girl on a Wheelchair"
We shoot the short film for 2 days, which is relatively quick. On our first day, we didn't manage to shoot any of the scenes used as we were kicked out of the location. The second day, we decided to shoot in another location and managed to finish.

The Gears we used are:
Canon EOS 600d & 60D with magic lantern
Sigma 18-35 DC HSM ART lens
Canon EF-S 18-200 IS lens
RODE Videomicpro
RODE Micoboompole Pro
For lighting, we mainly used a reflector to bounce the sunlight into the frame.

Special Thanks to MUSICBED for the amazing soundtrack
"City on Fire - Tyler Batts" - BTS soundtrack

Special thanks to RODE and all sponsors of MyRODEReel.


Micro Boompole Pro
VideoMic Pro

Leonhard Damian

Leonhard Damian - Director

Kevin Christian Y - Producer