I Think You Know

Topaz Films
There's a man that stays in your house while you're away. And he'd like to get to know you.

Behind the scenes of I Think You Know

I'm a sound designer and producer, and with the assistance of director and cinematographer Paris Wharton, we produced I Think You Know across a two day shoot.

With a single protagonist, we needed a house that would act as the second character in the film.

As I love working with sound, I had the chance on this film to try some different techniques in capturing the atmosphere needed for the film. My main tools were the Rode M5 as placement mics to gather sound effects on set, and the rode NTG 2. I really enjoy foley and it was a great opportunity to have some fun creating a soundscape for the film.

We wanted to have fun creating this short with our friends. And I believe we achieved this.



Topaz Films

Carl Richardson - Sound Specialist, Writer

Paris Wharton - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Llifon Owen - First AD

Andrew Noon - Actor

Ceris Hughes - Set Designer

Hannah McCaffery - Set Designer

Kevin Hughes - Location Manager

Matthew Henry - Runner

Micheal McKevitt - Runner