How Ya Doing?

Everyone always ask how you're doing when they pass by, but does anyone really care?

Behind the scenes of How Ya Doing?

We had a lot of sky light coming in from the roof that was way too harsh to use as our key light so we had our actors stay off to the side to avoid the light as best as we could. We also used an HMI 1.2k to match the light that we were getting from the sun and a china silk in front of it for diffusion.

We used the Sony A7s ii for our camera, shooting Slog 3. We actually forgot to check the white balance until we got a few shots. We kept it in the wrong white balance to keep it consistent and I used the blue tint to creat a warm-cool contrast look when I colored, isolating the skintones to make them orange while leaving everything else blue. It made a cool effect.




Sal Peretti - Writer/Director