Will Royal
Serenity is a short film about the way a teenage girl sees the city and how she plays the flute to escape the noise and the hustle of her daily life. Her music is inspired by the movement of the city.

Behind the scenes of Serenity

The short film Serenity uses invisible cuts to make each shot flow from one to another. This was used to show how quickly the city moves. This was recorded with the Canon 70D ans 24-70mm F4 L lens.

The sound design was made using the NTG-3 and a range of objects for foley. This was done for 3 days in a studio space and 2 more days around my home. The NTG-3 was recorded with the Tascam DR-70D.

Overall, there were 95 audio clips in the sound design, over 150 video clips and 250 cuts/transitions to make the final 2:40 long video.


Micro Boompole

Will Royal

Will Royal - Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Emma Butcher - Actor

Will Mctavish - Composer