No Reply

Studio '93 Films
After a bad break-up, Anne reaches out to Ryan as he is driving in an effort to mend what was broken.

Behind the scenes of No Reply

This project was a lot of fun for everyone involved. A big plus on this project for me was capturing all the effects in camera for the car crash. From having Trevor throw himself around in a car to actually flipping the car. This project couldn't have been done without the effort and help from our local sheriffs department. Their knowledge and guidance through the crash sequence made it authentic which is what i was looking for. The video was shot in the Darke County area with help from the community. We used the RODE NTG2 for most of our audio which was great because it's an amazing microphone. Hope you all enjoyed and don't for get to vote!



Studio '93 Films

Alexander Stewart - Director/Producer

Trevor DeSchepper - Producer

Ashley Denney - Producer