Sarah E Howson
LIST is a new task app that works by using artificial intellience and fingerprint technology. It can think for you and populate your task list based on your emotions. Feel stressed? LIST will tell you to meditate. Free yourself from ever having to think for yourself again- let LIST make all your decisions!

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Behind the scenes of LIST

We had to rework the script on the second day of filming, due to the weather. What you see is bits and pieces of us workshopping the ideas we used in the final version of the film. The only crew on set is myself, which is why there are very few people in the footage. I'm not fabulous at camera, hence wobble-cam (from trying not to giggle).

For post sound- I also decided to use the cartoon that Daniel is watching as the SFX for that part of the film. I used the Rode VideoMic on camera for the film's audio (dialogue and noise tracks) and Apple Loops and Sony SFX for the soundtrack and sound design. My VideoMic has clearly seen better days.

We made this film for our own amusement because we saw that you can make more than one this year!



Sarah E Howson

Sarah E Howson - Filmmaker

Natalie Baker - BTS Camera