The Link

Adam Coutelle
We wanted to show people what our love of cars mean to us and that not every petrolhead is a hooligan. We wanted to show the car as a thing of beauty and style and pretty much show it in the best light possible.

Behind the scenes of The Link

We used my canon 700D as well as the Sony DSLR used for the film in our BTS. The most complicated thing was to get good shots without seeing the camera man in the reflection of the paint. For the voice recording, we used the smartlav+ connected to a phone or to the DSLR thanks to an adapter, and it performed great. Many people were camera shy so we don't have as many opinions as we'd like, but I think we made something that is quite interesting, and now you know a petrolhead's point of view on cars



Adam Coutelle

Adam Coutelle - Directing and Editing

Mark Rudolphe - Filming and Color correction

Bastien Extrat - BTS filming