The Withered Rose

False Reality Productions
The film is about a woman, Angela, who deals with the trauma of past molestation by her uncle Andres. Her husband is there to be her support, and her optimism helps her look to the future and a better life. (The rose symbolizes her mental state, as well as how her life is currently looking).

Behind the scenes of The Withered Rose

To film this short, we used a Zoom H4N to record our audio, as well at a Rode NTG-2 mic. The film was shot using a Canon 70D and some Russian vintage lenses. The BTS was shot on a Canon T3i with Canon lenses. The location of the film is at a cafe in Hollywood. As far as technique goes, I wanted the film to have a natural feel to it. I didn't want too many static shots, and I wanted the audio to feel as though the viewer had been standing there while we were filming it.



False Reality Productions

Carlos Rivera - Director

Jason Peguero - Director of Photography

Ryan Bravo - Sound Mixer