Shaun Chin Kee Siong

Different uniforms , different duties , different responsibilities , but the same heart binds them together. Strong bonds are formed between three friends, but will this affinity be able reach to infinity?

Behind the scenes of TRI-FINITY

The gear I used for this shoot are:
- RodeVideoMic GO - Vanguard Alta+ 203 Tripod
- Nikon D5200 - YONGNUO YN300-III LED Video Light
- Nikkor 18-140mm kit lens - Think Tank Photo Camera Bag
- Nikkor 50mm f1.8d

For booming my Mic I used my martial arts bo staff with a clamp attached to the RodeVideoMic GO. My tripod came in pretty useful, I used it as a Steadycam, Camera Rig and as a crane. The whole short was filmed at my school since the story revolved around three students. It took around 5 weeks to complete this film. Thanks to everyone who came out to help make this possible!


Stephen Vandingenen
Millstone Media Production