Set in an alternate reality where the Presidium controls the thoughts of the people to the extent where they need to have their dreams approved. In order to facilitate this, the Presidium have "Dreamlink" kiosks in public buildings so that citizens can acquire "safe and approved dreaming".

Behind the scenes of Dreamlink

Shot in South Brisbane, the film was made through my collaboration with OzFrank Theatre and Film company and features footage from their recent production of "Artaud De Facteau" in Tasmania. They were in Tasmania when I heard about My Rode Reel and I suggested they film the production for us to use.

All of the music is from Brisbane band, Blue Java, from their upcoming debut album (long over due, they are amazing).

Primary camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4 - Shot in 4K and exported as HD
Main dialogue was recorded with a Rode Video Mic Pro mounted on the camera.


New North Productions
Action Reaction Productions