At Ease Soldier


Tim miles is out for a stole when a paranoid Colonel spring for nowhere and is trying to order him around, through flash backs and voices we find the Colonel's mistakes have cost the lives of his troops when there tank was blown up, the colonel is now trapped inn a fake reality through his post traumatic stress, as Tim becomes the ghost of his past.

Behind the scenes of At Ease Soldier

I used a Canon 700D and a Canon 18-55mm lens with a Rode Video Mic Pro on the top with a Rode DeadCat over the Mic, i used a Glidegear DNA 1000 to capture all of the shots and angles I used. I used a huge woodland for my shoot on a hill around 500ft up, in Editing i used overlapping and voice echoing to distort the flash back scenes.


Julio Luna / Fernando Gregory
Alfred Århäll & Olof Ljunggren