Etienne Baussan

When a young teenage boy whose dream is to become a professional basketball player loses every hope, he meets a strange character that will show him the right path.

Behind the scenes of HOOP

We shot this short film in Paris, France for two days on may 24th and may 25th. We gathered a team of friends to help us, we wanted this journey to be fun before anything.
We used a 5D mark III for the film, and a Sony a7s for the backstage.
We knew we could sacrifice a bit our images but not our sound. Sound is unforgiving. So we worked with a professional sound designer to create the universe of HOOP by getting sounds on location using a Rode NTG3 and assembling layers and layers in post.
We worked for an entire week in post on the edit, the effect, the sound and the grade to finalize the film (for instance, I'm submitting this entry on may 31st). Cheers !


Bennett Pellington