The Young and the Jobless


"The Young and the Jobless" is a short comedy film about a guy named Miles Saverin who realizes that college wasn't enough to help him secure a job. To stay afloat, he does what any sensible person would do in his situation: work odd jobs on Craigslist.

Behind the scenes of The Young and the Jobless

Equipment Used: Canon 70D, Rode NTG-3, and Zoom H5

I am a student at UC Berkeley majoring in Psychology. I decided to take a semester off to pursue filmmaking, because I realized halfway through college that creating videos from pre to post production is my true passion.

This is my first time doing a short film, and I used only the equipment I already had to shoot it (equipment I've confidently/scarily saved up over the months to invest in). I found the NTG-3 to be extremely versatile (both indoors and outdoors), compared to Audio Technica's AT4053b hypercardioid, which I returned after comparing it to the NTG-3.

I used the NTG-3 for everything: dialogue, sound effects, narration, ADR, etc. I shot everything around my house and just created the illusion that I was at different places.

Things that I learned the hard way:
1) The more time you spend perfecting things during production, the less time you will spend fixing annoying mistakes during post-production.
2) Lighting is EVERYTHING.
3) ADR can save your life, but it shouldn't be the go-to option for audio; the best audio is recorded on set.
4) Do multiple takes on set for every scene no matter how perfect you "think" you recorded it, and just choose the best one; stuff happens.
5) It's one thing to memorize a character's lines and another to actually be the character; real acting isn't acting.
6) Have fun. As soon as you start having a "let's just get this over with" attitude, take a break. This attitude will only cause you to rush, leaving you with worthless material.