Ajay Kumar Pradhan

Pema is a story about a young couple who get separated due to a small misunderstanding ... never to meet, ever again.
The film was inspired by Buddhists names such as Pema - which means lotus and Karma- which means the sum of all the good deeds and bad deeds in ones life.

Behind the scenes of Pema

The film was shot in five different locations and we used Canon Mark III as the main camera and Canon 7D for the BTS. The technical crew consisted of only two persons and we completed the shoot in five days.
We used RODE NTG2 shotgun microphone for both our sync sound recordings and studio voice over, the recorder we used was Marantz.
Editing was done using Final Cut Pro 7 and since we had little time for color grading, We had to do the grading inside Final Cut Pro. The editing part was tough because our first cut timed 5 minutes! and I had a hard time to cut 2 minutes of footage from it.
The only problem we faced during our shoot was the attack by eye gnats! they were attracted to the camera lens and because of which we could not use the footage and we had to re-shoot the next day.


Tillman Theatre / Adreeynaline Entertainment
Render3 Media
Greg Vickers / Hub02