Grandpa - Life at 99

Stephen Greszczyszyn

My first video production, based on an interview with my 99 year old Grandpa who still lifts weights, lives independently, and holds a valid driver's licence.

Grandpa, life at 99.

Behind the scenes of Grandpa - Life at 99

The interview was shot with two micro 4/3 cameras (Olympus E-P5) and native Olympus 17mm/f1.8 and 45mm/f1.8 lenses. The b-roll was shot handheld using the built-in body stabilisation (IBIS) and the Panasonic 25mm/f1.4 lens. I used natural light, and both shorts were edited in Final Cut Pro X using Hawaiki Analyzer to assist with colour correction.

For audio I used the Rode Smartlav+, Rode Invisilav, and Rode iPhone Recording App.


Oasis Creative Studios
Eric Romero / Dust
Vitaly Zolotarev
Tillman Theatre / Adreeynaline Entertainment
Movie Time Picture Company