Orlando Benedicto Photography


A tale about overcoming depression and looking forward to a brighter future.

Starring - Julie Chu
Story - Orlando Benedicto and Sean Duggan
Script - Lauren Hayashi and Sean Duggan
Makeup and Hair - Meileen Ramos
Wardrobe Styling - Amy Azada
Aerial Cameramen - Estin Ma and Sean Duggan
Aerial Consultant - Jenly Chen
Assist and BTS Camera - Sean Duggan
Special thanks - Studio M Hawaii, Indie Visual List, Anamorphic Shop

Behind the scenes of Reminisce

Shot on Panasonic DMC-GH4, DJI Inspire 1, FM Module
Sound by RODE Microphones, TASCAM
BTS Camera - Gopro Hero 4 Black w/ Feiyu Gimbal
Shot on location in Waikiki, Hawaii.


Jon Baxter & Nicholas Stevens