Oasis Creative Studios

A night guard is left needing therapy after an eventful night at work.

Behind the scenes of Therapy

The biggest issue we faced for Therapy was finding ways for us to hide cuts between scenes as we decided to shoot the entire main sequence in a Birdman style "one shot". This was an exciting challenge for us as it was something we had never tried previously.

We shot the video on Panasonic GH4's using only two lenses, the 12-35mm 2.8 IS and the 50mm 1.4.
We rigged one up to a DJI Ronin for the moving shots and used a shoulder rig for the fight scene and subsequent scenes.
The crane was only used for the one obvious shot, this was achieved through a masked transition in the same style which we used to hide all of our fake "cuts".

Our soundtrack was created from scratch over two nights along with most of the sound being foley and ADR due to the issues of shooting in a "one shot" style. We caught as much on set audio via boom as we could which was a struggle as the sound and camera teams both had to avoid casting shadows or being caught in mirrors.