Brother's Womb

Dan J Brown

A lonesome traveller wakes up, abruptly, in an abandoned stables in the middle of nowhere. Regaining his composure, he remembers that he has an important mission.
With swift determination, he darts across many different landscapes, set on his goal.
The only thing that threatens to distract him is the innate playfulness and wonder that he clearly still has within him, from when he was a child...

Behind the scenes of Brother's Womb

This shoot took a lot of planning:
Four different locations, two actors (one child), a lot of equipment, a big crew and no budget at all.

Day 1, we filmed the stables opening scene and all woodland shots in two separate locations in Hertfordshire, UK.
Day 2, we travelled to the coast of Newhaven, and filmed the cliff and final beach scenes.

Sound equipment used included a RODE VideoMic (for BTS filming), two NTG-2s, a RODE boom pole (3m) and two WS7 Wind Shields. For static shots, one NTG-2 stayed on the camera and the other fed directly into a Tascam DR60.

Other equipment included a Canon C100 with a Ninja 2, a Steadicam Merlin, a shoulder rig, a sachtler tripod, and much more.

For the edit we used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and ran it straight off a G-Tech External Hard Drive.

It sure was a family affair; with myself Directing, there was my mum as Art Director, my brother was lead actor and my sister was a runner/horse wrangler.
But the whole crew felt like a family, as they are all friends of mine, who happen to be very skilled in their specific areas.

As I hope the BTS shows, it really was a wonderful time making this for My RODE Reel, and we are all really happy with the final film.