Braxton Wilhelmsen

A couple of months ago I read Walden by Henry David Thoreau, and was inspired by the imagery and philosophy there to make it into a short lifestyle film. I found a great crew and we shot this over 4 evenings in the last month or so.

Behind the scenes of Walden

I shot the film on a Red Scarlet. I tried to employ a wide variety of techniques, including drone footage, which I got help for, slider shots, a DJI Ronin, which I rented for this, time-lapse shot on a Canon 6D and shots on a tripod with fluid-head. Our sound guy Ian had an array of Rode and other products to get us some nice crispy sound, Tyson manned the behind the scenes and Rick was our talent. He's outdoorsey and knows how to start fire with sticks, etc., so he was perfect for this. We had a great time out in the woods and are looking forward to doing it again.