Sting Terror


The story tells about a nightmare that all of us have lived at least once in our life. The man’s sleep gets disturbed by the presence of a pesky insect, a mosquito, ready to suck all blood of the main character, like a vampire. The desperate man starts the search for the mosquito all night, until he gets finally to find it.

Behind the scenes of Sting Terror

We filmed the short movie using a Canon 550D, equipped with Rode Videomic Pro microphone and Canon 50mm f. 1.8. Lens. The scenes take place mainly in the bathroom and in the bedroom. They were very simple shootings, a part of last scene that needed lots of precautions. We had to cover the bed and the floor with cling film to avoid smudging everything.
The final scene required some corrections because while the fake blood was thrown, on the original video, you can see Salvatore’s hand (our screenwriter and helper)
For the blood we used blueberries’ jam, mixed with water. The final result is excellent because it looks like real blood.
Regarding the shootings, we filmed with the camera in hand and a tripod with fluid head. The lighting in the bedroom has been created using a softbox, while for the shooting under the bed we used a LED spotlight.


Danger Ink Media
Action Reaction Productions