Life Light Productions

What happens when a top notch secret agent has to save the world by diffusing a bomb set by terrorists? Find out in Life Light Productions' new short film "Distractions." Written, directed, produced, and edited by Alexander Osborne and starring Daniel Moholia and Stefan Chirila; you're in for quite a ride! To God be the glory alone!

Behind the scenes of Distractions

In this film, the primary recording gear we used were the Panasonic GH4 for visuals and the RODE NTG2 shotgun mic into a Tascam DR 60D recorder for audio. We shot it at Creation Ministries International's Canada office (Creation.com) because they were gracious enough to let us use it for this film. Since we only had a crew of three people, we captured audio using a microphone stand instead of having a boompole operator. Because of our short schedule, most of our shots were taken with a shoulder rig or a steady cam. Post-production took a little while since there a number of VFX shots; some of which were quite troublesome. All in all, it was great and we really enjoyed it! To God be the glory!