Francisco Morales

Imagine a world where imagination is not just for kids, what will you be able to accomplish? We follow Timothy as he attempts to break away from modern life's mainstream and regain his childhood imagination.

Behind the scenes of Imagination

We shot in various places all around Georgia (Atlanta Area). From Midtown Atlanta to Roswell and Alpharetta GA. Using the Canon C100 MKII, a steady cam, and a shoulder mount with very minimal crew, shooting was very "run & gun". Imagination was shot in two days (Saturday and Sunday). Using Rode's NTG 2 microphone to record the fantastic voice over in Jacksonville FL, and the privilege to work with a composer and old friend in LA, this project was nothing but a fun, educational, and overall amazing experience!


Ryan P. Kelly
Gianluigi Antonelli - C.A.R.A.V. - Cantiere Teatrale Adriatico
Camelia Azar
Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Clara Kokseby