Take Off

LueneMedia Entertaiment

Marc is a guy in his twenties and is not happy with his job nor his relationship,
he begins to question whether he wants to spend his whole life that way.
This is a movie about finding the sense of life and the place one belongs.

Behind the scenes of Take Off

We shot this film with a rented Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k in combination with the Zeiss 18mm T* 3.5 lens, the glider shots were taken with GoPro Hero 3+ cameras. For movement we used a Glidecam smooth shooter kit and a Konova K2 slider, and of course a tripod! To capture clean audio we used the Rode NTG 2 hooked up to a Zoom H5 sound recorder mounted to a boompole, the voice over was recorded with the Rode NT 2A microphone in a local recording studio. the movie was edited in Premiere Pro and the DNG-Raw files were graded in DaVinci Resolve lite. Making this movie really helped us improving our filmmaking and storytelling skills.


New North Productions