Runnin Bear Truck

Eric Anderson and Ovais Malik

The Runnin' Bear Truck video is a brief story of my dad and our truck. I describe my dad as this old truck that we share history together.

In one of those rare times in our relationship, I was the giver and my dad was the receiver of this old truck and now, he returned it to me.

Behind the scenes of Runnin Bear Truck

I tried to capture the entire road trip, 1,600+ miles from Seattle to Los Angeles, on time lapse but that proved to be near impossible using one GoPro Hero 2 and one Sony a7s (for stills and video) and bare bones rigging equipment (one suction cup GoPro mount) and 3 GoPro batteries. I missed large sections of the driving because I didn't realize the battery was dead.

Ideally, the Gopro should have been mounted a weather proof housing that allowed for an external USB power cable that would have supplied continuous power from the cig. lighter.

I had to change the time lapse settings often to get the appropriate sense of time and detail. For instance, through cities, I had to set the time lapse to 1 frame/5 sec and on long stretch of highway, to 1 frame/30 sec. With only one GoPro, I re-positioned the GoPro at various places on the truck..

The Sony a7s is amazing for low light capture. Imagine shooting inside of an airplane at night with barely no lights... no problem with the Sony. I got this just for that reason; extreme low light situations on the "fly.""


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