The VOiD

Stand Alone Films

Matt Peterson believes that his life is on repeat. He believes that everything that he has done and will do has already been done before, like a rat repeatedly put through a science experiment. Follow Matt as he recalls his experiences with Adam, a visitor of unknown origins who tries to help him discover what is really happening in his life.

Behind the scenes of The VOiD

The VOiD is a short film that was shot entirely on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in RAW. We filmed at two locations for this project, one of which was a theater space that we transformed into the “interrogation” type room shown throughout the film. The other location was in a house that we had access to that provided the perfect location for the sequence after the run, and also for the chess. For the lighting in the interrogation room we used three softboxes, however when we used the house location we needed something that could easily be mounted and moved to keep out of sight to produce the red light. For this we used a mix of PVC can lights and regular metal can lights with red “party” bulbs. Most of the shoot was done mostly handheld using the DSLR Rig RL-01 but also on a tripod. Audio was captured with a variety of different tools. For the Behind the Reel footage we used the Rode VideoMic as well as the Rode SmartLav+ hooked into a smartphone. For the film we used the Rode NT5 as well as the NTG 2 hooked into a Tascam DR-60D. We boomed using the Rode Micro Boompole. The film was color corrected in Davinci Resolve 11 Lite using the Impulz Film Emulation luts for much of the looks as well as standard grading. After grading, the film was edited in Final Cut Pro X. This behind the scenes video is a much shortened version of the full video that we made that can be found here:


Nicolás Bañales
Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Clara Kokseby
Danger Ink Media
Rugge Thomson