She's Perfect

Przemek Stański / Film Wagon

A rather shy nerd winds up on a date with a girl way out of his league, who seems to have a very speciffic plan. Things get physiological very fast...

Everything is very nerdy here with chiptune music, cult-classic tattoos and latest games references.

Behind the scenes of She's Perfect

We shot the video on Lumix GH4 with good lenses and basic rig, tripod and slider, RØDE NTG2 and proper lighting .

We wanted to have really good sound quality so we shot in our friend's pub early morning. The park on the other hand was very noisy - kids and dogs and kick scooters - so we used the glasses-mounted lav. Green screen and 2D animation was used for the explainatory part. I guess the guy needs the have stuff analyzed.

Finding nice CC chiptunes and sfx was very fun.

All in all the whole production took 2 weeks.


Julio Luna / Fernando Gregory
Chris Pagnozzi / Future Proof Media