Ten Thousand Miles

Michael Rodmaker

A documentary short of life on the road and how I've overcome the challenges it presents.

Behind the scenes of Ten Thousand Miles

I used the Rode VideoMic to capture audio as well as the narration of Ten Thousand Miles. Being relatively new to video and filmmaking, I don't have a lot of gear, but I've found the Rode VideoMic to be extremely helpful. The narration was captured with the Rode VideoMic at -10db with an 80Hz high pass filter. Shots were captured with a Nikon D5200 mounted on an Autopilot stabilizer, which helped a lot when getting interior vehicle shots. The short was filmed in Oxford, OH over two days.

Most of the group is made up of first-timers, so we tried to keep it simple and avoid biting off more than we could chew with mostly slow-moving tracking shots on the stabilizer or stationary shots with a tripod.