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A modern private investigator Jim Colmes AKA @SherlockColmes will solve all of your social media mysteries.

Behind the scenes of @Sherlock

The dynamic filmmaking duo of Adrian Morphy and Nathan Kotyk assembled an all star cast and crew of: Dylan Kotyk, Adam Tate-Howarth, Ryan Sheppard, Aldo Mauro, Geoffrey Cork and Michael Babiak.

The film was shot with a Sony FS700 and a kit of Zeiss ZE lenses. The audio was captured with a Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone, Rode boom pole and a Zoom H4N recorder.

The team had a blast working on this film and are excited to share it.


Eric Romero / Dust
Bradley W. Ragland
Bocachico Agencia Creativa
Domagoj Mrkonjić/Weksflick