A Second Chance

Marko Uhan

I was exploring my grandfathers workshop and I discovered a motorcycle covered with a tarp and dust. I was suprised by its age and condition and my first instinct was to fire it up and go for a ride. But it did't start. So I asked my father for help and he agreed to help me and my uncle joined and helped us, durng this process I discovered the whole history behind this motorcycle. That's when I discovered that the bike had a lot of historic and sentimental value to my family so I decided it needed another chance.

Behind the scenes of A Second Chance

So this was pretty much a one man shoot and it lasted for two days. during this film I use my Canon 650D with a 50mm lens and a VideoMic Pro on top. The location was my grandfathers old workshop where I actually discovered the bike. I filmed the riding part on a GoPro HERO 3 but when i started editing the sd card crashed so I lost all my footage from the riding part. The next time I was there I have forten my camera so that's why I resorted to my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) that's why the footage is a little shaky. I edited the film with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


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