M この動画には成人向けコンテンツを含んでいてもよい



Destroyed by being left by his wife and son, Alex buys drugs and overdoses, his friend finds him and tries to help him unsuccessfully, whilst a cop, completely oblivious to their misfortune first goes after a burglar then the dealer that sold the drugs to Alex. While trying to run away the dealer gets hit by a car, resulting in his death. Alex dies.

Behind the scenes of Afterlife

On set : 8 battery powered LED lights ~ 150W each, 2 were set for frame depth, the other 6 we found ways to suspend to mimic street lighting, since there was almost none.
Due to rain we had almost no chance to set up the lighting for the green screen, and not lose a lot of time, so we used, the only spare, small LED and lit the screen with it and used our cellphones built in flashlights to light the people in front of it.
We shot with a canon 6d, samyang 35 mm lens mounted on Ronin. Was a bit hard for the cameramen with the focus but all and all they got the hang of the control and did great.
Provided it was a crowded neighborhood we had to keep as low a profile as possible so we whispered throughout the shots, and tiptoed around while setting the lighting and while rehearsing for the successful tries.
Audio gear used : RØDE NTG2 shotgun mic, amazing for the voiceover and the extra sounds i recorded for dramatic influence, which recorded onto a Zoom H4n.
Post : I did all the editing in adobe's After effects cc, cs6 and premiere pro cs 6, used after effects cc for the green screen fine tuning it, since it was so poorly lit.
3rd party plugins used : Magic Bullet Looks to tweak slightly the colors, Particular for the smoke and Optical Flares for the lens flares off the street and led lights.
color grading/balance : used DaVinci Resolve lite, thanks to you guyz, great little tool, if it wasn't for the crap compression from the dslr and the extra compression i added it would've looked even better.


Danger Ink Media
Tobias Nilsson
Alexandre BREZELEC
Rugge Thomson