La Pistola

LFD Collective

A teenage girl drives an old man through a post-apocalyptic landscape in search of a mythical gun.

Behind the scenes of La Pistola

"Boom" was shot with a Black Magic Ursa and Pocket Camera, Rode Blimp wind shield and shock mount system - Rode NTG3 Mic - Rode boom pole 3.3m - Rode 10m XLR - Rode WSVM windshield.

A year after our first experience with the My Rode Reel competition, LFD Collective are back. With the new three minute limitation, we saw it as a challenge in storytelling. How to tell a coherent story that holds up narratively? That carries the weight of the past and propels characters into the future? And that upholds the sense of fun that we look for in our short form work?

The answer to these questions was La Pistola. Shot over two days in Perth, Western Australia with a terrific and hard working crew who bought into our "Collective" mindset.


Alexandre BREZELEC
Bradley Stevens
Samuel Dunstan