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Reporter App
The RØDE Reporter App
当社のReporter Appビデオのプレイリストをご覧下さい
当社のReporter Appビデオのプレイリストをご覧下さい

RØDE i-XLR and RØDE Reporter App Features and Specifications

0 以下を取り扱うオンライン Reporter App

  • Simple & intuitive design
  • High resolution 24-bit, 48kHz stereo/mono recording (up to 96kHz with RØDE i-XLR or RØDE i-XY microphone)
  • Realtime waveform display while recording
  • Record in uncompressed or compressed formats such as MP3 for long recordings with the option to enable variable bitrate recording (VBR)
  • Designed for broadcast/reporting with customised flag display
  • Switchable dark colour scheme for night or conference mode
  • Native iOS sharing to upload or share recordings
  • Compatible with built-in microphone, smartLav+, NT-USB, i-XY, i-XLR or any other TRRS connected microphone

The RØDE Reporter App is the intuitive recording companion you need to easily record and publish broadcast quality audio.

With native sharing, variable bit rate for either long record time or high definition broadcast, and digital flag for on-screen branding, the RØDE Reporter App is ideal for recording audio on the go.

Reporter App 仕様
当社のReporter Appビデオのプレイリストをご覧下さい
当社のReporter Appビデオのプレイリストをご覧下さい
Reporter App サポート